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Leader as Coach

Transforming Organisations with ICF Accrediated Coaching Programmes

In partnership with The Henka Institute™ and fts global.

The Henka Institute™ and fts global offer a wide range of programs to support your employees and helping you to create a performant yet sustainable organization.

At Anderson Wise, we care deeply that people feel well in their environments and integrate well with their new employers as well as grow and perform.
We will be continuing to work with The Henka Institute and fts global bringing you leading-edge services to support the life-cycle of your workforce.

About the Henka Institute

The Henka Methodology™ gets its name from the Japanese word Henka (変化) meaning change and transformation, and takes its inspiration from the power of emotional intelligence, neuroplasticity and mindfulness.

The Henka Institute™ has a unique approach to leaders emphasising “Leaders as Coach”. Its core programmes are accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and our qualified coaches ensure that participants can rest assured that the highest levels of rigor, structure and ethics will be applied.
The Henka philosophy has been adopted by some of the world’s leading organisations. A team of seasoned & certified experts with a multi-cultural perspective on leadership, experienced in delivering programs in multiple languages both in the virtual and physical environment. Knowledge transfer is embedded through practical application.

Visit https://www.henkainstitute.com/

About fts Global

fts global’s mission is to redefine leadership in the global financial services sector. We do this by co-creating high-impact learning interventions that lead to sustainable transformation.

With bespoke courses we understand the value of co-creation at all stages of delivery so that our solutions resonate with our Clients. Together our team of experts and Clients co-design the complete training intervention from inception to delivery to ensure we are delivering on our promise for quality within the experiential learning environment. With a blended approach the learning experience for our Participants is sustainable.

fts global operates in all regions of the world. The headquarters are located in Luxembourg, but the delivery capacity is borderless. Fts-global has been delivering services in more than 40 cities worldwide and our network of trainers and consultants around the world exceeds 500 with a multi-lingual team.

Visit https://www.fts-global.com/