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Aude is a skilled professional who finds inspiration in her love of wild landscapes and mid-century modern architecture, as well as her interest in Human Sciences. Aude has worked in the recruitment industry for nearly two decades and has demonstrated expertise in the Finance, Tax, Accounting, and Legal domains.

Having spent over a decade in Luxembourg, Aude has a thorough understanding of the local market and its various stakeholders. As a result, she has successfully assisted numerous companies with their recruitment needs, playing an important role in their regional expansion. Her extensive market knowledge has earned her the reputation of being a trusted advisor to both clients and candidates.

Aude is well-known in the industry for her unwavering commitment to high ethical standards and practical problem-solving approach. Her exceptional level of service based on trust and confidentiality distinguishes her from her colleagues. Aude, who is fluent in both French and English, spends her free time with her two children working on handicraft projects.

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