Recruitment Consultant

Matthew is an ambitious Recruitment Consultant with a strong business academic background. His educational path began at the University of Limerick, where he majored in Economics and Finance and pursued his interest in understanding the financial world.

After participating in the Erasmus programme at Nova School of Business and Economics (Nova SBE) in Lisbon, Portugal, internationally famous for its expertise in finance education, Matthew’s thirst for knowledge and a desire to encounter global perspectives amplified, this experience enriched his grasp of international banking practices and cross-cultural dynamics.

Matthew’s approach to recruitment goes beyond simply matching skillsets to job needs. He takes the time to understand the aims and goals of both the candidate and the client, ensuring a great fit for long-term success. His empathic attitude and genuine interest in people make him a trusted advisor to candidates, leading them with professionalism and care through the recruitment process.

His determination and passion shine through in everything he does and constantly strives for excellence in his professional activities, whether it’s keeping up with the latest industry trends, attending networking events, or improving his recruitment techniques.

Outside of the office, Matthew continues to explore his passion for travel by seeking new adventures and embracing other cultures. His international experiences have given in him great respect for the value of relationships and networking, which he applies daily to his professional and personal activities.

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