Anderson Wise launches in Luxembourg

A new recruitment and executive search firm has opened its offices in Luxembourg. Newly created by highly experienced recruitment professionals and headed up by Darren Robinson, one of the most recognised names in the recruitment industry and the former regional head of Badenoch & Clark, the firm is sure to make waves in the recruitment community here!

Darren, a British national who has been residing in The Grand Duchy for over 15 years, is well known as the man behind establishing Luxembourg’s largest recruitment firm. His tenure on the council of the British Chamber of Commerce has also made Darren a well-known figure in the business community.

What makes Anderson Wise different from other recruitment firms in the market is the level of experience of the team. The firm can boast of very experienced and accomplished recruiters, with an average of more than 10 years of experience delivering recruitment services in Luxembourg.

Starting September, the firm is all set for candidates and clients. There will be a team of 8 well-known and established recruiters who together bring more than 100 years of experience to the table.

Robinson says, “The pace of change within companies and the higher expectations from candidates requires a more flexible, responsive, leaner and faster recruitment organisation. Anderson Wise was created to meet these evolving expectations.” He continues, “I have always been incredibly passionate about creating the right cultural environment for my own team so they can in turn offer a unique service. At Anderson Wise we want to ensure candidates have a professional and compassionate experience with the utmost confidentiality, which is so crucial. In addition, we want to constantly give our clients objective and creative solutions … for both candidates and clients, we want to always go further and keep delivering.”

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