Luxembourg; A Destination Of Choice!

Luxembourg hasn’t become an expensive destination to live and work, it’s just matured into a destination of choice.

Darren Robinson, Managing Partner at Anderson Wise explains.

Anderson Wise is still at the forefront of attracting companies and talent to relocate to Luxembourg and I recently returned from a trip to London, a combination of business and pleasure. It is a little more complicated for firms hiring British nationals due to visa requirements, but nonetheless, the Brits continue to come.

As a founding member of the Business Club Luxembourg – United Kingdom, powered by the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and the Luxembourg Embassy, I’m likely to be involved in further excursions and promote the Ministry of Economy’s new Luxembourg Talents Hub.

I lived and worked in London in the mid-90s and mid-00s before relocating to Luxembourg. London has always been an expensive City to live in. Today is no different and it is considerably more expensive than Luxembourg with a lower average disposable income (OECD, Statista). In my early career I struggled to make ends meet, my first accommodation was a co-living experience in a house with 8 rooms with people I would eventually get to know when in the kitchen or waiting for the bathroom!

Due to an increase in rent in Luxembourg, we are now witnessing the rise of the co-living option here. This is borne out of Luxembourg’s growing population due to its attractiveness as a destination of choice for many professionals.

Prices in Luxembourg have risen, and salaries are increasing too!
Luxembourg is still less expensive than living in Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Dublin.

The reputation of Luxembourg being an expensive city to live in is not justified, it only ranks 52nd in the 2022 Mercer’s Cost of Living City Ranking.

Luxembourg will continue to become more popular.
There are so many reasons, but to name my personal favourites…

  • Luxembourg is business-friendly with easy access to decision-makers.
  • An increase and expansion of companies create a wider range of career opportunities and progression.
  • Regularly ranked the safest country in Europe and top 3 in the world, an important consideration for lone women considering relocating and not forgetting the smallest Gender pay gap in Europe.
  • The new free childcare and school lunches for all children aged 4-12 during the school term make it more attractive for families.
  • Free public transport: I’m not the only one who has increased their use of public transport as a result.
  • After a visit to most cities and countries, you appreciate how clean Luxembourg is upon your return.
  • Top 10 greenest country in the world, coupled with amazing landscapes and treks in the forests.
  • 170 Nationalities; such a vibrant and cosmopolitan place to work.

A native Luxembourger once told me, I didn’t need to leave Luxembourg to experience the world; the world came to me!

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