The Success of Networking at Anderson Wise: Building Visibility and Relationships

Anderson Wise has swiftly risen to become one of the most renowned recruitment and executive search firms in Luxembourg. In under five years, the firm has achieved a level of visibility on LinkedIn that surpasses not only all other local recruitment firms but also many firms across various industry sectors. This impressive online presence is complemented by their active engagement in face-to-face networking, solidifying their reputation and expanding their influence.

Darren Robinson, Managing Partner at Anderson Wise, emphasises that “connecting with people is in our DNA.” This philosophy is evident in the firm’s approach to both online and offline interactions. Anderson Wise’s team members are frequently seen at numerous industry events across Luxembourg, diligently working to create new relationships while nurturing existing ones. They understand the immense value that face-to-face networking brings, including the rich learning experiences and the enjoyment it entails.

The commitment to networking is exemplified by Darren Robinson’s particularly active week of networking this month. His schedule highlights the breadth and depth of Anderson Wise’s engagement with various business communities. Here is a glimpse into Darren’s networking week:

  • Monday Evening: Darren hosted 150 people on behalf of the British-Luxembourg Society at the Cercle Cité for a History Talk on the Treaty of London, marking Luxembourg’s full independence.
  • Tuesday: He attended the A&O Shearman Champagne Party at the European Convention Centre, mingling with 1000 guests.
  • Wednesday: Darren joined ONE Group Solutions at a spectacular event on a rooftop terrace in New York City.
  • Thursday: He participated in the ‘full-house’ ALFI New York Roadshow event at the Athletic Club in Central Park.
  • Friday: Darren attended the Déjeuner Carrousel with the Paperjam + Delano Business Club at INNSiDE by Meliá Luxembourg.

Reflecting on this whirlwind week, Darren shares, “I enjoyed the whole week, connecting and reconnecting with clients and business communities in Luxembourg and the US was very rewarding. Many people were keen to understand the Talent & HR developments in Luxembourg, and I’m always open to sharing the best practices for talent attraction and retention. With almost 30 years in the recruitment industry, 20 of them in Luxembourg, I have some experience and observations to share.”

This proactive approach to networking underscores Anderson Wise’s commitment to staying at the forefront of the recruitment industry. By continuously engaging with diverse business communities, they not only enhance their visibility but also gain valuable insights into the latest trends and practices in talent management.

The success of Anderson Wise is a testament to the power of strategic networking. Their ability to connect with people both online and offline has propelled them to the top of the recruitment industry in Luxembourg. As they continue to foster these connections, they solidify their reputation as a leader in recruitment and executive search, offering unparalleled expertise and service to their clients.

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The Success of Networking at Anderson Wise: Building Visibility and Relationships

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