Business Support Manager

Agathe, a French citizen and Luxembourg native, brings diverse experiences and skills to the Anderson Wise team. With a passion for travel and a love for all things culinary, she is a dynamic addition to the team, joining in 2022 to support the delivery of exceptional service to our partner clients and candidates.

After completing a bachelor’s degree in Politics and International Relations at Kent University and spending a year studying in Madrid, Agathe returned to Luxembourg to gain valuable administrative, accounting, and project management experience across several sectors, including financial services, real estate, and hospitality. Her broad range of experiences has allowed her to develop versatile competencies and people skills that she now puts to great use in the recruitment field.

Outside of work, Agathe may be found planning her next adventure or preparing delicious feasts for friends and family. Her infectious enthusiasm and positive outlook makes her a standout member of the Anderson Wise team.

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