The best conditions for employment, but beware!

The recruitment industry is experiencing the best conditions in over a quarter of a century.
That is the view from Darren Robinson, the Managing Partner at Anderson Wise.

‘I was recruiting in the boom years in London in the 90s and Luxembourg in the 00s and I have never witnessed such a high demand for staff.’

Statec confirms the trend, as unemployment in Luxembourg reaches 13-year lows and ADEM registers over 10.000 open jobs (10.769 January 2022), the highest number recorded. The number is likely to be substantially higher, although companies are obliged to register their vacancies with ADEM, not all do.

Robinson says, ‘there’s never been a better time to consider new career opportunities. There are multiple opportunities for those open to a change.’

He also warns ‘there are companies that are always hiring for the wrong reasons, such as problems with a continuous turnover of staff due to an unrelenting heavy workload or a toxic work environment driven by poor leadership. Fortunately, there are also companies that have great perspectives.’

AWesome Employers
‘We only partner with organisations that can enhance one’s career and life. There are many facets under consideration, such as values, ethics, environmental practices, reputation, stability, security, opportunity, and work-life balance.

During the last 3 decades on the Luxembourg market, our team has met and interviewed over 30.000 professionals. Through our meetings, we have established a very good understanding of who is and what makes an AWesome Employer in Luxembourg. We know why people leave some organisations and why some choose to stay.

We know the Good, the Bad and the Ugly!
Whenever you decide to make a change, regardless of whether you utilise the services of a recruitment firm or not, I can’t emphasise enough, do your due diligence on the team, leadership and company before making the move. Bear in mind that rumours might just be rumours and that detractors are always louder than promoters, sites like Glassdoor do not provide objectivity.

Anyone who contacts Anderson Wise can be confident that they will only be presented to the very best employers in Luxembourg that meet their requirements and ambition. We always provide an honest and objective assessment of all companies we represent.

Due to the unprecedented demands for staff, there are now over 200 recruitment firms operating on the Luxembourg market. If your skills are in-demand, you will only need to partner with one. Ask your trusted friends and connections for advice on who to make contact with. Make a Wise choice!’

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