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Since last year our Managing Director, Darren Robinson, A.K.A the Luxembourg Job Doctor, has been answering job and career-related questions for RTL Today, one of the leading English-speaking news sites in Luxembourg.

We have compiled the most popular ones below, click on the links to take you to the answers on RTL Today.

Dear Job Doctor, what are the reasons behind people changing jobs in Luxembourg?
#1 Changing roles
#2 Company culture and values
#3 Work-life balance
#4 New challenges and opportunities
#5 Better pay and/or conditions
#6 Job security and changing jobs

Dear Job Doctor, how do I know if a job posting is legitimate?
Fake Job Advertisements

Dear Job Doctor, I’m worried my current employer will know I’m looking for a new job if I provide references, is it normal to be asked for them?
Looking for a new role, while still in one

Dear Job Doctor, how do I renegotiate my salary?
How do I renegotiate my salary

Dear Job Doctor, what tips and tricks would you recommend in Luxembourg to strengthen networking skills and building relationships?
How can I improve my networking skills?

Dear Job Doctor, is it too risky to change jobs during the pandemic?
There’s a Global Pandemic! Should I stay or should I go?

Dear Job Doctor, what to do if my manager pushes more responsibilities and expands the scope of activities due to staff reduction?
How do I push back on extra tasks when overwhelmed?

Dear Job Doctor, would you advise seeking help from a career coach if you have no idea what to do?
Should I consult a career coach?

Dear Job Doctor, how do I fight against the HR robots, that go through your CV and reject it?
How do I get my CV past the HR Robots?

Dear Job Doctor, what is your advice for partners/spouses of current expats hired in Luxembourg?
My partner got a job in Luxembourg. How can I find one too?

Dear Job Doctor, should I expand my business or lead a quieter life?
Expansion plans

Dear Job Doctor, I hear so many conflicting stories. A CV shouldn’t have a photo / should be in the euro style. Can Darren perhaps shed some light?
How should I format my CV?

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