New Local NGO Partnership, Graine de Vie

As we begin to build upon our ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ strategy and as part of our ‘Profit for Good’ initiatives, we have introduced our #Talent4Trees campaign. Our aim is to plant trees, thousands of trees, forests of trees!

Darren Robinson, Managing Partner, says ‘we wanted to identify a place where our Euros would go further and not only help preserve the planet by offsetting our carbon footprint but also contribute to reducing hunger and poverty. I was delighted to find a local NGO, with credible local independent directors and prominent institutions were already supporting initiatives in Africa.

We particularly liked the Madagascar projects as they are not only off setting our carbon footprint, but they are also employing local people and providing food for the village.

On top of our own annual commitment, we will plant 10 trees for every placement we make.

Together we will grow forests!

#Talent4Trees #Profit4Good #UNSDG15

About Graine de vie
We are an NGO dedicated to protection, afforestation, and reforestation.

We started in 2009 and have projects in Madagascar, Togo, Benin, Cameroon and Ghana. Created as a non-profit organization under Belgian and Luxembourg law, our NGO enables the compensation of the ecological footprint of the inhabitants of our industrialized countries through the planting of trees in developing countries.

Creation of local tree nurseries
In order to ensure the monitoring and development of reforestation, we create a nursery in each of the planting sites and train local people to manage it. Through local authorities and schools, we are developing a program to raise public awareness of environmental protection. To achieve these objectives, all our members are committed to working on a voluntary basis to ensure that all funds entrusted to us are used directly and fully for the management of our nurseries and tree planting.

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