Anderson Wise – one year later!

‘This is where it all began, behind the garage doors that lead to my winter garden where we have spent months creating Anderson Wise recruitment. It was fun coming up with our brand, defining our strategy, our unique, yet familiar service proposition, and bringing AW business to life.

This time last year we started our journey, the team of 7 was there in September 2019 and 2 more joined in the following months. For all of us this past year passed by so quickly.

I am so humbled and so very grateful to have 8 of the best-known recruiters in town who chose to be part of what was an unknown journey. I could not and would not have done it without them; David Kitzinger, Saskia Van Rijswijk, Andrew Notter, Aude François, Michael Mandic, Valerie Potier, Anne Sophie Pevergne and Agnieszka Parisse. All of them bringing different characteristics and attributes that make AW a successful team.

I’m often asked, how has Anderson Wise become one of the leading recruitment names on the Luxembourg market in such a short period of time, especially while also having to deal with a global pandemic. The answer is simple, all of us at AW have worked and known each other for many years, I don’t believe we were ever really a ‘start-up’ in the traditional sense, we knew our market well and more importantly, we knew each other very well.

We have been very fortunate that companies and individuals who had experienced working with us in the past were quick to express their interest in partnering with us again. Equally important were the thousands of professionals who we’d met and interviewed over the last 15 years were keen to have us represent them in their further career advancement and to recommend us to their network.

I join my team in expressing our full appreciation and heartfelt thanks to all our Clients, Candidates, Suppliers, Connections, Friends and Families. Thank you for your support and for joining us on this journey.’

Darren Robinson
Managing Partner | Anderson Wise

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