Love your Job

Experiencing the exhilaration of newfound love is akin to a symphony of birdsong and blossoming flowers, creating a sense of harmony and contentment in the world. This sentiment, sought after in both personal and professional realms, might seem overly optimistic, yet what if it were genuinely possible to harbour affection for your job, even if only to a modest extent?

Research indicates that the key lies in a novel approach to sharing. Much like the foundation of love itself, the workplace thrives on the feeling of being truly understood. This involves colleagues embracing our quirks and idiosyncrasies while appreciating our contributions. Picture a project team where your strengths are valued, or a leader recognising your potential for a promotion, these scenarios epitomise the experience of feeling known at work.

The question arises: How can we bring our authentic selves, our complete selves, into the workplace? Studies indicate that individuals who disclose essential aspects of their lives at work report heightened happiness, productivity, commitment, and job satisfaction, coupled with reduced anxiety. However, it is essential to avoid oversharing, as too much information can be counterproductive, particularly in a professional setting.

Finding the equilibrium is crucial, and the following recommendations offer a guide:

Listen and Inquire:

Develop a genuine interest in your coworkers by actively listening and asking questions. Fostering this positive interaction opens the door to increased openness, creating stronger connections.

Share Your Story:

To be truly known, it is beneficial to gradually reveal more about yourself. This doesn’t require an intense disclosure all at once; instead, share personal stories, interests, and details gradually. As you open up, others are likely to reciprocate, initiating a positive cycle of sharing that strengthens relationships.

Seek Feedback:

Apart from open sharing, psychologists suggest minimising blind spots by actively seeking feedback. Blind spots are aspects of ourselves that others notice but of which we remain unaware. Embracing feedback allows us to better understand and manage our behaviours.


Building connections involves accepting others with all their imperfections and idiosyncrasies. This acceptance creates an environment where mutual understanding flourishes, ultimately fostering a reciprocal acceptance by others.

In essence, loving your job is intricately linked to the freedom to express your authentic self. The journey of getting to know others and being known paves the way for greater happiness and fulfilment in the workplace, a truly irresistible prospect!

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