AW has renewed its partnership with ALFI

In the dynamic landscape of recruitment, staying ahead of the curve is essential for success. One effective strategy for achieving this is by becoming a member of industry associations that provide valuable networking opportunities, resources, and insights.

Darren Robinson, Managing Partner at Anderson Wise (AW) says, ‘We are contacted by new clients and candidates because of our knowledge of the market, expertise in the recruitment process and the extent of our local relationships. The Association of the Luxembourg Fund Industry (ALFI) has proved to be particularly beneficial in extending our network and increasing our knowledge of the fund industry in Luxembourg.

ALFI is a prominent advocate for the Luxembourg fund industry, representing over 1,500 Luxembourg-domiciled investment funds, asset management companies, and service providers.

Anderson Wise already has an extensive network of industry professionals and through ALFI’s events, conferences, and seminars, we connect with key decision-makers, fund managers, compliance officers, and other stakeholders within the Luxembourg fund industry. This access is invaluable for building relationships, identifying new business opportunities, and staying informed about industry trends and developments.

As Luxembourg’s leading recruitment and executive search firm ALFI provides our team with access to information that enhances their understanding of client needs, talent demands, and market dynamics. By staying abreast of industry trends and regulatory changes, AW is positioned as a trusted advisor to our clients.

Members of our team regularly attend ALFI events and AW is a regular sponsor of the ALFI Golf Day. In particular, the annual ALFI London Cocktail and Conference has proved very useful and provided the platform to encourage new firms to establish a presence in Luxembourg. Anderson Wise has strong links to the UK, we are a Founding Member of the Business Club Luxembourg – United Kingdom which is powered by the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and AW represents the British Chamber of Commerce for Luxembourg through one of our Partners, Andrew Notter, who is the Chairman. I am also the President of the British-Luxembourg Society which has historic links dating back to 1947 in Luxembourg and the UK.

Membership with ALFI provides AW with enhanced brand visibility and recognition within the fund industry and also provides us with the opportunity to showcase our expertise, establish thought leadership, and attract potential clients and candidates.’

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AW has renewed its partnership with ALFI

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