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Anderson Wise have recently launched a unique initiative in Luxembourg: only partnering with organisations who meet the criteria of an AWesome Employer.

Darren Robinson, Managing Partner at Anderson Wise explains…

When we decided to launch Anderson Wise, we wanted to remove all the short-term objectives that the international recruitment firms are subjected to, i. e. a growth strategy and short-term profitability that ignores local social responsibility.

I have always put the candidate needs above all priorities. Having spent almost 25 years in the recruitment industry, I recognise the benefits of putting candidates first, not only is it commercially prudent in the long-term, but I also believe we have a moral obligation to candidates whom we represent.

Changing jobs and employers is one of life’s most stressful events and can come with much risk. Although the risk can’t be eliminated entirely, it can be managed and minimised by evaluating a potential new employer.

The Partners at Anderson Wise all had the same vision and having worked together for 10 years, it was natural for us to shape AW around our common values and common goals, putting customers (candidates and clients) first.

We have a unique perspective of the Luxembourg market gained from over 125 years of recruitment experience between us. Having met thousands of people who leave companies and those who choose to stay, we know very well the most important employers in Luxembourg that are recognised for providing the best conditions and opportunities for their employees.

We have chosen to only partner with organisations which can enhance one’s career and life. There are many facets to consider when selecting the right employer, such as values, ethics, environmental practices, reputation, stability, security, opportunity, and work-life balance.

If you are a candidate looking for a career change, you can be confident that Anderson Wise will only present you to the very best employers in Luxembourg: AWesome employers.

If you are a company partnering with Anderson Wise: thank you!
It gives us so much satisfaction to be representing the very best employers.

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