Delano Interview with Darren Robinson

Interview by Aaron Grunwald, photos provided by Darren Robinson

With much of Luxembourg teleworking as part of the covid-19 clampdown, Delano is speaking with our readers about their telecommuting workspace and how they are making the virtual office environment work for them. The series begins with Darren Robinson, managing director of Anderson Wise, a recruitment firm.

AG: Prior to the covid-19 restrictions, did you already telecommute and, if so, how often?
DR: Although I have full flexibility, I’ve not spent much time telecommuting at all, I do prefer to be with my colleagues during core hours and on many occasion afterwards too!

When did you start telecommuting as a covid-19 precaution?
We closed the office on Friday 13 March.

What was your telecommuting workspace previously? Or was it always your “home office”?
I’ve always had a space as I sometimes work during the evening or weekends.

What do you like about your telecommuting workspace?
I’m fortunate to be in a large glass veranda, it’s like working in the garden!

Is there a “personal touch” to your home workspace?
I do have one item in the room that really reminds me of my team, it’s an ornament that represents teamwork, pulling each other up with ropes over a large rock… today it reminds me of us all pulling together!

What are your most widely used telecommuting tools or applications?
This week we had our first ‘all team’ virtual meeting using the Microsoft Teams application. We use WhatsApp or Skype for video calls with candidates.

How do you make telecommuting work for you?
I do miss my work colleagues, we have so much fun together. We have a team group on WhatsApp and this is where we have been mostly keeping in touch with each other, sharing pictures of our pets, children and funny memes to make us smile.

Have you developed any new habits or routines?
To be honest the routine is [a] ‘work in progress’, I have already recognised I need to have regular start and finish times and fixed break times as I found myself drifting.

After the covid-19 restrictions are lifted, do you plan to keep telecommuting?
Yes, maybe sometimes. I ride an electric bike to and from work and I’ve really missed riding through the forest, rain or sunshine. It’s such a nice way to commute!

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