AW doubles down on its CSR and Profit4Good initiatives

Anderson Wise, a forward-looking company committed to both corporate social responsibility (CSR) and innovative Profit4Good initiatives, reaffirmed its dedication to making a positive impact on society. The latest display of their philanthropic endeavours took place on the 29th of August, 2023. On this significant day, Anderson Wise proudly handed over a generous donation of 10.000 EUR to Fondatioun Kriibskrank Kanner, a Luxembourgish charity that provides invaluable assistance to children battling cancer and rare illnesses. This noble gesture was made on behalf of Louis, the son of Aude François, who bravely confronted a leukaemia diagnosis in October of 2022.

The heartening act wasn’t confined to monetary contributions alone. Demonstrating an unwavering commitment to philanthropy, Darren Robinson, Managing Partner at Anderson Wise, embarked on an inspiring journey. He undertook the Camino Trail, covering a distance of 259 kilometres all the way from Porto in Portugal to Santiago de Compostela in Spain. In doing so, Robinson managed to raise an impressive sum of 5.000 EUR with the generous support of friends and family. In a demonstration of corporate empathy, Anderson Wise matched this amount, resulting in a cumulative contribution of 10.000EUR. This gesture was made on behalf of the Katharina Kitzinger Memorial Fund, a poignant tribute to David Kitzinger’s late wife who played a pivotal role in shaping the Anderson Wise brand.

Reflecting on the company’s journey since its establishment in 2019, Robinson emphasised that humanity and giving back have been cornerstones of Anderson Wise’s values. The memory of Katharina Kitzinger continues to inspire their charitable initiatives, a testament to her enduring influence. Notably, the company has exhibited swift and substantial responses to global crises, such as the Turkey-Syria earthquake disaster this year. Their contributions have extended to organisations like ACTL – Association Culturelle Turque au Luxembourg a.s.b.l., AHBAP in Turkey, and the UN Crisis Relief Syria Humanitarian Fund, reflecting their commitment to easing suffering and aiding those in dire need.

Anderson Wise’s commitment to uplifting communities extends beyond immediate crises. They have been consistently dedicated to providing university education for women from the Masai Tribe in Tanzania, fostering empowerment through education. Moreover, their environmental dedication has taken on new dimensions with the establishment of a Tree Nursery in Madagascar, facilitated by the Luxembourgish NGO, Graine de Vie. This noteworthy venture aligns with their innovative approach of linking their social initiatives with their business operations. With 10 trees planted on behalf of their client for every successful employee placement, Anderson Wise has now magnified this positive impact by committing to planting an additional 10 trees on behalf of each placed employee. This initiative, termed Talent4Trees, underscores their commitment to both talent development and environmental conservation.

In these ways, Anderson Wise continues to be a trailblazer in weaving together CSR and business innovation. Their endeavours symbolise a harmonious blend of business success and the promotion of societal well-being, emphasising their alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Their initiatives, including Profit4Good and Talent4Trees, signify a visionary path forward where companies are not just responsible profit-generators, but active agents of positive change in the world.

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