Management Companies

Management companies are historically known for offering fund management and administrative operations to investment funds, including hedge funds, private equity funds and real estate investment trusts. 

This segment has grown in complexity due to regulatory demands, environmental concerns and talent acquisition. With the regulatory requirements requesting substance for all entities registered in Luxembourg, we’ve been instrumental in recruiting a variety of talents in this segment of assessment management. 

With over 175 years of combined recruitment expertise,  we have been recruiting the following positions in Management Companies with a passionate recruitment approach:

  • Finance Manager
  • Senior Accountant
  • Senior Corporate Officer
  • Compliance Manager

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Corporate Banking

Constant technological and regulatory changes have altered the market dynamics, and consumer demands, which unavoidably had an impact on banks’ digital transformation…

Trust and Domiciliation 

The trust and domiciliation industry in Luxembourg has experienced significant development in recent years.

Management Companies

Management companies are historically known for offering fund management and administrative operations to investment funds…


In the Benelux region insurance products and services are a strong driver for the banking and finance industry. 

Private Banking and Wealth Management

For nearly 50 years, private banking has been at the centre of Luxembourg’s financial industry.

Executive Search

We are Luxembourg’s most revered and best-connected recruitment firm. Engaging with us will have your entire executive search process mapped out for you.

Asset Management 

With more than €5tn of assets under management, Luxembourg has grown rapidly to become the largest fund domicile in Europe. 

Private Equity

Since 2017, Luxembourg has been at the centre of the private equity movement and growth.

Real Estate

Luxembourg is an attractive destination for real estate investment funds, who are able to offer investors exposure to a diverse range of real estate assets.

Accounting and Finance

Luxembourg is one of the world’s top financial centres, where accounting jobs and finance jobs within the banking and finance sector are both flourishing and expanding. 

Commerce and Industry

The commerce and industry sector in Luxembourg is a vibrant and dynamic part of the country’s economy, playing a significant role in driving growth and employment.

Human Resources

Human Resources jobs in Luxembourg remain a crucial segment of the economy, providing critical support for businesses and organisations.


With its favourable regulatory environment and strong support for startups, Luxembourg is emerging as a hub for fintech innovations in Europe.

Legal Services

The Legal Services sector in Luxembourg comprises many international top-tier firms along with several regional leaders. 

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