Thank you for helping us help others!

May the holiday season bring you special moments and happy memories.

Wishing you and your loved ones a healthy and successful 2023!

Best wishes,

The AW Team

David, Saskia, Michael, Valerie, Andrew, Agnieszka, Pawel, Aude, Darren, Anne-Sophie, Madeleine, Charlotte and Agathe.

‘Tis the Season to be Giving

Thank you for helping us help others!

This year, through the Katharina Kitzinger Memorial Fund, we are fortunate to support the following…

Help the Massai

Supporting development and education projects in northern Tanzania.

In many parts of the world, education is taken for granted. However, for many children, especially girls in Tanzania, education is an unattainable dream that promises a different, better future.

Living Hope NGO

Supported in helping to facilitate the refuge of over 40 people from Odessa, Ukraine, mostly children. Luxembourg received 3 young ladies with 3 children and their grandma.

Graine de vie
A Luxembourg NGO dedicated to protection, afforestation, and reforestation.

Helping preserve the planet by offsetting our carbon footprint and contributing to reducing hunger and poverty. Supporting a project in Madagascar that not only offsets our carbon footprint, but they are also employing local people and providing food for the village. On top of our own annual commitment, we will plant 10 trees for every placement we make. Together we will grow forests!

About the Katharina Kitzinger Memorial Fund

One of our beloved friends of Anderson Wise passed away in December 2020.

Katharina was the wife of one of our Founding Partners, David Kitzinger.

Katharina helped create and breathe life into the Anderson Wise corporate identity.
At the end of each year, Anderson Wise donates a portion of its profits to the memorial fund which supports local and international social and environmental causes.

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