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It’s been almost 10 years since Darren Robinson, AKA the ‘Luxembourg Job Doctor’ answered job seekers questions, he’s now back and in a partnership with RTL Today.
Robinson says ‘I ran the last Job Doctor series of publications about 10 years ago and it ran for almost 2 years, it was a time when we were coming out of the Financial Crises and there were many redundancies across Luxembourg. I was receiving many questions from those who’s roles had been made redundant and remembered a successful and similar initiative with one of the founders of a Recruitment Firm I worked for in Australia in 2000, I revamped it a little and the Luxembourg Job Doctor was born’

He continues ‘In some way I believe the Job Doctor helped many people after the Financial Crises, so it made sense to bring the Job Doctor out of retirement to answer career related questions and offer support to those who may suffer from the impending Economic Crises where we are already seeing some impact. Supported by a team of the most experienced recruitment professionals at Anderson Wise we will answer questions from the readers of RTL Today.’

RTL Today

We’ve got an exciting new series coming to RTL Today, where you can get all of your job and employment questions answered.

You may have noticed that we are going through a bit of a tumultuous time at the moment, with many businesses struggling and people concerned about their future employment. Perhaps you’re in that situation, or otherwise considering a change in career?

To help answer the many questions about work, employment, careers and training out there, we’re delighted to announce that we’ve got a new article series starting soon – written by none other than Darren Robinson, who has been recruiting since 1996 and is currently the Managing Partner for Anderson Wise. He also sits on the Council for the British Chamber of Commerce for Luxembourg and the British-Luxembourg Society.

It’s not for nothing that he’s known as the Job Doctor, and he’ll be sharing his wisdom with you every week, right here on RTL Today.

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