In addition to his primary professional role, Darren Robinson, our Managing Partner, is deeply involved in the Luxembourgish professional landscape through active participation in various influential associations

Charity Walk… Porto to Santiago de Compostela

On July 16th, our Managing Partner, Darren Robinson, embarked on an incredible journey, walking 259 km from Porto in Portugal along the beautiful coastline to reach Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

First AW Alumni Gathering

On November 16th, Anderson Wise happily hosted our first AW Alumni gathering. A Wine & Cheese tasting

New Association Member, L3A

Darren Robinson, Managing Partner of Anderson Wise says ‘I’m delighted that we have been approved by the L3A board of directors to become one of the first Associate Members.

New York, New York!

Anne-Sophie Pevergne, Partner at Anderson Wise is relocating to New York.

Pevergne says ‘my husband has been offered an amazing role with his company in New York and I will relocate with him in September and take a little break in July and August. But I’m really happy to inform everyone that I will remain with Anderson Wise

Alfi Milan Roadshow 2022

4 Partners from Anderson Wise attended the inaugural roadshow to Milan in May.
Darren Robinson, David Kitzinger, Andrew Notter and Michael Mandic flew the Luxembourg flag in their capacity as talent ambassadors Outside of Italy, Luxembourg has one of the highest percentages

Putting candidates first!

The pandemic has accelerated a change in employee habits faster than anyone could have predicted. Coupled with a scarcity of qualified candidates, today is Luxembourg’s moment of truth